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Poet Rachel Zucker asks us to demand sentimentality. Because we’re human, dammit.

russian nesting doll.jpgPhotograph via via Flickr by Lincoln Stein.

Sentimentality shouldn’t be a four-letter word. Rachel Zucker’s microessay, published online by Evening Will Come, proves this. Zucker is in dialogue with her poetry and books, her latest being a poemic (co-written with Arielle Greenberg), Home/Birth, which examines the business of birthing through personal accounts, newspaper articles, and statistics. It is heartbreaking. Zucker’s notes on sentimentality reminded me that the goal should be to write the true, to fight for honesty, to strike a match to keep our stories alive. Despite the harsh reputation sentimentality has gotten, despite it maybe not being au courant (was it ever?), Zucker asks us to push for it, to demand it, because, dammit, we’re human. We need it.


Christine Larusso is an editorial intern for Guernica.

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