Chris Steller, writing for The Minnesota Independent on the Senate Judiciary Committee vote yesterday, said that “Al Franken spewed fire and Amy Klobuchar threw brimstone,” adding, “Franken raked the current Court and Klobuchar decried bias against women on the bench.”

Breaking out of the “mild-mannered mantle of a first-month senator” Franken “threw down a gauntlet over high-court rulings he termed ‘judicial activism,'” Steller writes. “With a vehemence not yet seen in his short tenure in Washington, D.C., Franken took issue with rulings on abortion, voting rights, price fixing, age discrimination, and corporate entanglement in elections,” while “Klobuchar cast Sotomayor as an Everywoman Jurist whose image had been misrepresented by Republicans harping on her now-infamous ‘wise Latina’ statement.”

“She knows the law, she knows the Constitution, but she also knows America,” Klobuchar said, adding, “Where I come from, asking tough questions and showing very little patience for unprepared lawyers is the very definition of a judge.”

Video of Al Franken:

Video of Amy Klobuchar:


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