With it’s “Screw the Man, Save the World” campaign NEED, the humanitarian magazine based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is making a splash across the country. NEED is looking to get rid of all of its ads in favor of a subscription-only revenue model. According to Reuters (via Market Wire), “If successful, the humanitarian magazine’s nationwide “Screw the Man, Save the World” campaign could transform business models and mean the end of print advertising.”

Strong words, and ones that NEED CEO Stephanie Kinnunen hopes are true: “Relying on advertising is no longer a viable business model, but readers will save the magazines they care about.”

**About NEED Magazine**:

NEED magazine is an educational artistic hope-filled publication focusing on life changing humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

NEED magazine’s mission is to support humanitarian efforts.

NEED magazine’s dynamic visual narrative is educational, drives awareness, involvement, personal connection and contributions.

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