Paul Schmelzer, on his blog Eyeteeth, found some eerie similarities between a 1959 protest against racial integration of schools in Little Rock and today’s protests against ObamaCare.

From Eyeteeth:


“A 1959 protest against racial integration of schools in Little Rock featured similar rhetoric as today’s protests against ObamaCare — that it’s “Communism.” Via the Library of Congress at Wikimedia.”

“But the similarities don’t stop there,” Schmelzer writes.

While Robert Creamer, writing for the Huffington Post, points out Republicans’ use of “socialism” in opposition to Medicare:

“There has been a brazen, bullying quality to their rhetoric — shouting down and intimidating opponents — a willingness to break the rules and say anything that serves their purposes with a complete disregard for consistency or intellectual honesty. Take their “defense” of Medicare: Remember that the Republicans opposed Medicare from its inception. They said that Medicare would lead to “socialism” the same way they claim that health insurance reform and a public option will lead to “socialism” today. As recently as yesterday some Republicans proposed eliminating Medicare and replacing it with a privatized “voucher” system. Yet they have the gall to pretend to defend it against the Democrats who created it.”


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