In 2008, I wrote a defense of Twilight for Guernica Daily. In my defense, I hadn’t read the books at the time, and only the first film had been released. While I won’t renounce my original point (that the books tapped into something teenage girls were lacking in their entertainment choices, i.e. romance over sex), holy moly do I regret anything that may have sounded like endorsement. In the final book of the trilogy, eighteen-year-old Bella Swan skips college because she gets married and knocked up. Would that I were making this up.

Thank the YA gods that a protagonist much more akin to Buffy than Victim #37 has taken center stage with Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games trilogy. (Yes, I’ve read them; I learned my lesson.) Katniss Evergreen is a bow-wielding, family-saving hero of the first order. Oh, and the movie looks like terrific fun.

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Erica Wright

Erica Wright is the author of the poetry collections All the Bayou Stories End with Drowned and Instructions for Killing the Jackal. She is the poetry editor at Guernica magazine as well as an editorial board member of Alice James Books. Her latest novel is The Granite Moth: A Novel.

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