For I shall leave no
Inheritance but this

Napkin, and thus I have
Come into this napkin

And killed many
Enemies of the State.

Black and pink.
Black and lilac. Black

And scarlet. Black and maize.
Black and orange, a rich

Harmony. Black and white,
A perfect harmony. Black

And brown, a dull harmony.
Black and drab or buff.

Black, white or yellow
And crimson. Black,

Orange, blue and scarlet.
Black and chocolate

Brown. Black and shaded
Cardinal. Black and

Cardinal. Black, cardinal,
Blue and old gold.

Black, yellow, bronze,
Blood and sky blue.


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Forget some call love
Bedside grammar:

The body rules
And it’s a trick

Of the mind
Not to think so.

You’ll never
See your own

Corpse and nobody
Will ever know

Your mind.
God exists to give

Your daughter
Someone to believe in

When you’re gone.
On the other

Hand, one day
She will ask

You a question
You don’t know

The answer to,
Because the answer is

The question.
Don’t act

What’s the meaning of

For example,

Is simply a claim
To intelligence

And a pledge
That no other

Hand exists beyond
This one in hers.


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mark-yakich-photo.jpgMark Yakich is currently working on The Airplane Reader, a memoir and survival guide for flying, co-authored with Christopher Schaberg.

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