Malik Noor Khan doesn’t know why his father, a peaceful village elder, was targeted by a U.S. drone strike on March 17, 2011. But in this documentary profiling those who lived through the CIA-initiated attack that day, Khan says that because his father was “dealing with local problems,” his death, along with that of more than forty others, was a blow to the whole region of Waziristan.

Madiha R. Tahir is an independent journalist reporting on the culture and politics of Pakistan. Her work has appeared in several media outlets including PRI/BBC’s “The World”, Foreign Affairs, VICE, Democracy Now!, The New Inquiry, The Wall Street Journal, Caravan, The National (UAE), Global Post, Left Turn, and The Columbia Journalism Review, among others. She has also co-edited a volume of essays Dispatches from Pakistan with Vijay Prashad and Qalandar Bux Memon. She is currently pursuing her doctoral degree.

Messiah Rhodes is an independent documentary filmmaker, video editor and multimedia production fellow at Democracy Now! He focuses on progressive projects and has produced videos for Bloombergville and Occupy Wall Street which were featured on MoveOn and Huffington Post. He has also produced a documentary on the lockout of union workers at Sotheby’s Auction House (Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Museums), and the anti-foreclosure sit-ins (Occupy Our Homes) where homeowners refused to leave their homes.

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