‘The cemeteries of the world are full of indispensable men.” -General Charles de Gaulle

Hit or miss: The curious case of the fly etched into the urinal.

Are there any incentives for republicans to be bi-partisan? Not many, says this article.

The stupidity it kills me: the gang of 20 oppose the stimulus package for no reason at all


here is a more direct criticism of the so-called centrists

In real estate, they say everything is location, location, location. Well, when it comes to the big lie, everything is repetition, repetition, repetition: if you repeat it enough people will believe it – and so it is with the big lie that the New Deal was unsuccessful: here and here.

Socialism for the Red States.

The GOP says an $800 billion stimulus package is bad because of its effects on the deficit but a $1 trillion tax cuts package [$3 trillion over 10 years] is OK. Go figure.

What’s playing in Peoria is the same as what’s playing in the Villagers’ Bubble Town.

Obama’s Republican Hit List: President Barack Obama won the districts of 46 congressional Republicans on Election Day. Has anyone noticed?

A series of articles on partisanship and party ideology:










Krugman says, stimulus bill compromise cuts muscle not the fat.

The stupid it kills me: stimulus compromise bill cuts jobs by 12-15%: here and here.

What we need is a BIG stimulus, bigger than what we have got so far.

The market case for nationalizing banks.

Real economists say: fiscal stimulus NOW.

Krugman on the destructive center.

Media maters asks, Does CNN’s John King think construction work is done pro bono?

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