“The youth of America is its oldest tradition.” -Oscar Wilde

Is there any price to be paid by the GOP for being partisan?

Theory of bipartisanship, part deux.

According to this article only 39% of Americans believe in evolution, while 25% don’t believe in it. I’m curious: what are the comparable figures for other similarly industrialized countries [e.g. the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, etc.]?

One Hoover was bad enough. Imagine having 50 of them right now!!!

Anatomy of the making of a smear, GOP-style. Oh silly me, there is only one style, isn’t there, when it comes to making smears.

It’s nice to see that the GOP has started the 2010 election already, as you can see from this article.

Krugamn suggests that Obama is batting 0-2 on both stimulus [not big enough] and bailout [too vague] plans. Money quote: “It’s early days yet, but we’re falling behind the curve.”

According to this article it’s quite clear that the GOP in Congress is not sincere in its alleged attempts to be “bi-partisan” Obama should remember Grover Norquist’s definition of bipartisanship: “It’s a form of date rape”, and act accordingly.

A bombshell in the OPR report re: Yoo and Bradbury? I report, Yoo decide [pun intended].

Beware the Tyranny of the Centrists; if they’re in charge, we’re all in trouble.

When Pat Robertson is the voice of reason, we’re in serious trouble.

According to Bruce Bartlett, The Real Lesson Of The New Deal “….. Roosevelt’s error wasn’t that he spent too much, but that he didn’t spend nearly enough.”

Yoo for the Defense


Michael Isikoff: Yoo Disbarment Proceedings Now Visible on the Horizon.

What Marx said is true: Republican doom and gloom about stimulus packages repeat themselves,the first time as tragedy [Great Depression], the second time as farce.


Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House – The threat of 9/11 ignored. The threat of Iraq hyped and manipulated. Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib. Hurricane Katrina. The shredding of civil liberties. The rise of Iran. Global warming. Economic disaster. How did one two-term presidency go so wrong? A sweeping draft of history—distilled from scores of interviews—offers fresh insight into the roles of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and other key players.

Seven Habits of Truly Liberal People – Alan Wolfe’s persuasive portrait of liberalism.

As goes CA, so goes the nation? Krugman thinks so.

Interesting post by Henry Farrell on social democrats and capitalism, in response to this piece in Dissent by Sheri Berman.


of course, one can’t have a discussion of social democracy and capitalism without referencing Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation.

Article suggesting Beltway media are out of touch with ordinary people.

Is this the financial equivalent of Ronald Ziegler’s: Everything I’ve said before this is inoperative”? I think it is. Greenspan says US banks may need to be nationalized, says Financial Times. And it’s not just Greenspan: Republicans are saying the same thing here and here.


Is this the political cover that Obama et.al. need?

Jacob Heilbrunn asks: where have all the neo-cons gone?

Michael Tomasky believes that Obama is right to talk about bipartisanship


this Op-Ed by James Monroe argues that partisanship is as American as apple pie and violence


apparently the attempt at being bipartisan is reaching its intended audience



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