“Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do.” -Savielly Tartakover. Polish chess grandmaster

The new Mr. GOP: Rush Limbo


AW NOICE: Mike Pence, 3rd ranking GOPher, joins Limbo in wanting Obama to fail.

With friends like these [blue dogs and “moderates”], who needs enemies.

Ezra Klein has a nice take down of Elsie Brooks


Ed Kilgore, via Brad DeLong, has an even better take down of Elsie Brooks: “Brook’s essay… epitomizes two key Brooksian vices… “moderation” is defined as compromise, any kind of compromise, and “moderates” are invariably urged to pursue a course of action that coincides with the immediate political needs of the Republican Party…”

Brad DeLong on the stimulus package.

Bank nationalization – this article asks: what is it, should we do it?

Re: Obama and the banks , Krugman is having feelings of despair.

Interesting article on why people obey the law.

Krugman asks: are we Turning Japanese?


here‘s the song.

“Opinion columnists are free to choose whatever facts bolster their arguments.” (Andrew Alexander Washington Post ombudsman, 3.1.9.)

As these two articles (here and here) show, the GOP is up to its old tricks re: judicial nominations

David “Elsie” Brooks continues to show that, like the Bourbons monarchs of France, he has learnt nothing and forgotten nothing and that he continues to show his inability to climb the learning curve

(here, here, here, and here).

Go, Barack, Go, says Krugman.

AW NOICE: California’s unemployment rate hits 10.1% – what’s that they say: as California goes, so goes the nation? oh forget it….


Ohio’s is 8.8%.

Now we know why Gregg withdrew.

How bad are those toxic assets that all the banks are hold? Read this Financial Times article and weep.

The economy is falling off the cliff as we live and breath.

‘Liberal bias?’ IU professors find network TV election coverage favors Republicans.

The continuing GOP attack on minority voting.

This youtube video about Katrina is quite devastating.

Jindal Admits Katrina Story was false


Bobby told a lie.

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