“The principle of good is enunciated by Confucius; it consists in establishing order within oneself. This order or harmony spreads by a sort of contagion without specific effort. The principle of evil consists in messing into other peoples’ affairs.” -Ezra Pound

World entering “great Recession” says IMF chief.

Chris Matthews asserted that Rush Limbaugh’s ratings have “doubled,” echoing a claim by The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz, who wrote in an article that Limbaugh’s numbers “have nearly doubled since his feud with the White House burst into the media limelight.” But the Post later reported that “there’s no actual survey data to support such a figure” says Media Matters.

“To put it simply, I fear that we are now ruled by incompetent egomaniacs who will never blow the whistle on each other, no matter how bad things get, because to do so would be to admit that none of them is indispensable or brilliant after all.” says DougJ.

Even an idiot gets it right once is while even David Elsie Brooks


On the other hand, I should have known better: my bad.

Regarding the stimulus to the economy, the admin is already behind the curve says Krugman.

Network news rarely raised the issue the stimuls package may be tooooooo small,

despite warnings from many economists that it was TOO small.

Nationalization is the new normal

says Simon Johnson.

Another takedown of CNBC

this time not by Jon Stewart.

Let them fail say some GOPhers.


maybe this isn’t such a good idea says Kevin Drum.

Some advice for Obama from E.J. Dionne


more advice this time from Krugman.

“[H]as anyone else noticed that the since there is a Democrat in the Oval, everything became his fault at 12:01 pm on January 20, but everything that went wrong on 43s watch was Clinton’s fault?”

The definitive takedown of Amity Shlaes lies, half-truths and distortions re: the New Deal

written by Jonathan Chait.


Did I mention that Amity Shlaes was fired from the Financial Times for lying about the Bush administration’s preparedness to deal with Hurricane Katrina.

From Brad DeLong.

The GOPhers are insane says David Elsie Brooks. For once he’s right.

Be like Reagan and Thatcher: soak the rich says Hilzoy.

The line between socialism and capitalism is sooooooooooo thin.

According to the GOPhers, making some one who makes more than $250,000 pay an extra $4.10 a day in taxes is class warfare What nonsense, says Daniel Gross.

The NYT should be buried IMMEDIATELY

says Ezra Klein.

Yes we do need a bigger stimulus says the conservative economist Martin Feldstein.

Ditto says Brad DeLong.

Employment decline now worse and faster than ’81-’83 recession says Justin Fox.

Rethinking the American Dream from Vanity Fair.

If Robespierre were to ascend from hell and seek out today’s guillotine fodder, he might start with a list of those with three incriminating initials beside their names: MBA. From Royal Bank of Scotland to Merrill Lynch, from HBOS to Lehman Brothers, the Masters of Disaster have their fingerprints on every recent financial fiasco,

according to this article.

Once again the GOPhers show why they believe that “Bipartisanship is another name for date rape.

New article on how the 2008 Election went, looking only at the votes of rich, middle-income, and poor according to Andrew Gelman.

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