“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” -John Kenneth Galbraith

There’s No One as Irish as Barack Obama according to Hardy Drew and Nancy Boys:

“[T]he amount we spent patching the financial system could well be large enough to make the Social Security system fully solvent over its 75-year planning horizon, yet we barely hear a peep from the Peter Peterson Foundation and its merry band of anti-Social Security crusaders.” says Dean Baker.

Obama’s no socialist says Billy Wharton the editor of Socialist magazine.

Doesn’t Wall Street get it on the question of bonuses asks Hilzoy.

This first judicial pick is OK as far as it goes, BUT: “The administration shouldn’t let the fear of minority-party whining discourage it from adding some strong, progressive voices to the bench.” says Steve Benen.

Why Are AIG’s Contracts Sacrosanct But Not Union Workers’ Contracts? asks Ali Frick.

The AIG bonus debacle makes the perfect case for nationalization says Pat Garofalo.

There’s a simple way to stop the AIG bonuses, say four economists.

A newly discovered fragment OF AIGamemnon by Aeschylus translated by Kieran Healy.

Lets get rid of the WaPo: we would all be better off and no one would miss it anyway, says Media Matters.

Del;icious take down of the new NYT replacement columnist by Brad DeLong.

SO AIG employees threatened to blow the world up if they didn’t get there bonuses

says Emptywheel.

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