Part One in a series on “Home”, introduced and edited by Ann Tornkvist

On August 15, 2007, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Peru’s coasts, devastating the provinces of Pisco, Ica and Chincha. 519 people were killed, 40.000 houses were destroyed. The aftermath situation is alarming. The priorities are to give temporary shelter to the families who lost their homes, to protect them from the winter and from attacks by thieves, to distribute food and potable water ,and ultimately to avoid epidemics. More than 38 millions US dollars of humanitarian aid was directed to the area by the international community in the first week after the calamity. But now the Peruvian people are in need of a long period strategy. —Filippo Mutani

Filippo Mutani was born in 1971 in Milan, Italy where he lives and works. He has attended workshops with Alex Majoli of Magnum and Antonin Kratochvil of VII, both masters of sombre, ruminative black and white photography. Mutani,, is represented by the Italian agency Grazia Neri.

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