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Droning On

October 1, 2010

From stepped up drone attacks, to backsliding on torture and the Afghan surge, has Obama doubled down on Bush’s bets? Editor Joel Whitney interviews Tariq Ali on his new book. Recorded live at Asia Society.

“Once the novelty of the candidate and the high-octane campaign had worn off, a dull Republican rival and his more spirited Alaskan snowbilly had been safely dispatched and the mixed-race president was safely and happily ensconced in the White House, the starlit night disappeared and a confused, misty gray half-light enveloped the country once again.” Thus begins Tariq Ali in a new book peppered with predictions, historical insights, and an imperative for the Obama Administration: withdraw from Afghanistan now, or waste more time, treasure and lives, and be forced to withdraw later.


Editors Recommend:

Obama’s War: Esteemed historian and novelist Tariq Ali on how there is only one path for the United States in Afghanistan: withdrawal.

Further Reading:

The Obama Syndrome by Tariq Ali (Verso, 2010).

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