Below is a video recap of the largest release of secret government documents in history, according to the government transparency site, WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks released the documents to several news agencies. The video below was released on Al Jazeera. It speaks for itself, and reveals the shame of the US and its wars, and US complicity in torture, and sins of omission in the face of Iraqi-on-Iraqi torture, and more of the same.

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3 Comments on “Joel Whitney: WikiLeaks Iraq File Reveals Torture

  1. The one that says reconstruction, in the middle, and the green and blue backgrounds of graphs, that’s the one reconstruction. Rest, I believe, is real.

    And this whole thing is a mere six-minute representation of what 400,000 documents reveal.

  2. Yeah, there are actually four different scenes that say “reconstruction.” Did you watch this video? Also, there is a scene at 1:08 that appears to be a reenactment and is not marked as such.

    Also, there are two that appear to show brutality by Iraqi security/policy, but there do not appear to be any US represntatives present.

    If you’re going to claim that a video demonstrates the “shame of US,” I recommend you watch the video first.

    If you’re going to claim that the documents are the story, give us a story on the documents. This is just propaganda, not worthy of Guernica magazine.

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