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You provide the marriage license. They provide the wedding.

By **Justin Alvarez**

Justin Alvarez_Large.jpgIt’s only been a little over one week since Governor Andrew Cuomo signed historic legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in New York, but couples are already wedding-planning!

A nameless group in New York City, whose members include software developer Josh French, Gothamist editor Jen Carlson, writers Lindsay Robertson and Tyler Coates, and minister Bex Schwartz, is organizing a pop-up chapel in Central Park on Saturday, July 30th, the weekend after same-sex marriage becomes legal. From the website:

“We provide the wedding! And the photographer! And the officiant! And witnesses! And cupcakes! And everything you’ve always dreamed of! A free and legal wedding, for anyone who wants to get married.”

According to the group, same-sex couples can pre-apply online for a marriage license starting yesterday, July 5th. New York City requires a 24-hour waiting period after you receive your license. The pop-up was originally designated to occur at Bethesda Fountain, but due to the overwhelming response the group is working with the Parks Department to secure a location large enough to accommodate everyone. The group is currently seeking volunteer florists, photographers, and officiants. And, of course, couples.

Elsewhere in the city, the Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish posted a flyer stating that the church’s pastor will perform free LGBT weddings in honor of marriage equality for the next year. Even Mayor Bloomberg is stepping into the mix, preparing to unveil the “NYC I Do” campaign to publicize New York City as a gay-wedding destination.

Wedding crashers, prepare. This is going to be a busy summer.

Copyright 2011 Justin Alvarez


Justin Alvarez is an editorial assistant at Guernica. Read more about him here.

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