I have seen a woman transform into a garden and a garden become increasingly more of a woman. I have heard the soft language of figs into which her teeth have left marks. I have seen the borders repealed, that which previously was a face exposed is now a bowl of terracotta. Birch-leaves are blown into the mouth and scrape against the sermon. I know that when I dip my writing hand in the green sorrow it will be cooled. Hanging from the breathing of the trees the words become coated with verdigris.

Lundquist-100.jpgMarie Lundquist is a Swedish poet living in Stockholm. She has published nine books of poetry and essays. Her poems have been translated into several other languages, and she has received literary prizes from many organizations, including the Swedish Drama Association.

Photo by Thomas Wȧgström.

Malena Mörling is a translator and author of two books of poetry, Ocean Avenue (New Issues Press).