Image from Flickr via Yasser Alghofily

By Michelle Dove

Brought to you by the Guernica/PEN Flash Series

When the person I wish to see most doesn’t show, apathy must set in before anything can replace it. When I feel a human-sized void, is it instinctual that I fill it with a human? Inside jokes thwart explanation. The argument weighing going to the doctor and riding out discomfort is erratic. If eating is instinctual for survival, why do I spend so much time deciding what to cook? When what’s foreign compels creation, the end doesn’t feel any less personal. What I want from my interactions is not agreement. But show me true camaraderie that doesn’t take on a language all its own.

Michelle Dove

Michelle Dove is the author of Radio Cacophony, forthcoming from Big Lucks Books. Recent writing appears in Chicago Review, DIAGRAM, ILK, and Sixth Finch. She lives in Washington, DC.