I love finding images in odd shapes, faces in stains or in a shadow on a wall. I love walking through the streets and watching people and imaging their stories. I love being around people who have no filters, who are all nerve endings. People with a personal sense of morality, which allows them dignity. People who aren’t afraid to die or fail on their own terms. People who break their numbness with intermittent screams. People too numb to scream. I make paintings about these things.

The paintings begin as automatic drawings, meditations on the rhythm, beat and energy of form. The forms suggest life: personalities, emotions, little stories, life’s tensions, boredoms, releases and interactions. My job is to coax image and vibration out of form and to build that image into something that is eventually a caricature of life, a caricature of painting, a caricature of me.

The paintings are my way of accepting and creating and finding joy in the act of accepting and creating.


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