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By Ed Winstead

Guernica Editor in Chief Joel Whitney tracked down Noam Chomsky to get his opinion on the President’s recently revealed “kill list.”

“The kill list and associated antics are too much for me. I’ll have to fall back on Mark Twain’s frustration when he tried to satirize the much-lauded war criminal General Funston. He gave up. He said that Funston is satire incarnated,” said Chomsky.

You heard it here first: Nothing says Funston like killing an American citizen with a drone.

Ed Winstead is an editorial intern at Guernica.

6 Comments on “Noam Chomsky Comments on the “Kill List”

    1. Sensationalist, indeed! We’ve updated the headline for this piece — the original title, “Noam Chomsky on the ‘Kill List,'” might have given the wrong impression. The drone war is bad and all, but so far no MIT faculty have made the list. Rest easy, Ralph Nader, you’re safe too.

  1. I haven’t read the comment, yet, but let me guess…Noam don’t like no “kill list.” Okay, now I’ll read the comment.

    Okay, not as preachy and predictable as I thought. A quote by Twain, a little Fun…ston. Chomsky’s done worse.

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