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The Next Step: Occupy Wal-Mart

October 7, 2011—Occupy Wall Street has the potential to disrupt the standard political configuration of big business politics… If Occupy Wall Street becomes “Occupy Wal-Mart,”—that is, if it penetrates to the alienated and exploited heartland, it will combine workers for a truly revolutionary activity.

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Worker Dies

October 7, 2011—A worker hired to help bring the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant under control died suddenly, the third fatality reported among workers at the stricken plant since the March accident, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said it believed the death Thursday, like the previous two, had nothing to do with exposure to radiation in the plant. TEPCO said a male worker in his 50s became ill during a meeting Wednesday morning, before his shift started. He was taken to a hospital immediately, and died the next morning.

Computer Virus Hits U.S. Drone Fleet

October 7, 2011—A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America’s Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots’ every keystroke as they remotely fly “missions” over Afghanistan and other warzones. The virus, first detected nearly two weeks ago by the military’s Host-Based Security System, has not prevented pilots at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada from flying their missions overseas. Nor have there been any confirmed incidents of classified information being lost or sent to an outside source. But the virus has resisted multiple efforts to remove it from Creech’s computers, network security specialists say.

Occupy Portland’s peaceful rally, march attracts thousands

—Protesters plan to set up a camp outside county courthouse

October 6, 2011—Thousands of protesters took to the streets of downtown Portland Thursday afternoon to voice their displeasure with corporate America. The rally and march organized by Occupy Portland is the latest in a series of demonstrations across the country that began in mid-September as Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan’s financial district.

Occupy Philly Takes a Stand Against “Corporate Greed”

—Protesters are critical of politicians in Washington and Harrisburg

October 6, 2011—Several hundred people rallied outside Philadelphia City Hall on Thursday as part of an Occupy Philadelphia rally modeled after the ongoing protest on Wall Street in New York. The crowd began gathering on Thursday morning and swelled through the noon hour. The event on Dilworth Plaza was a mix of speakers, demonstrators carrying signs, chanting and some musicians. An afternoon march was planned around City Hall, with police on standby to temporarily stop traffic in Center City.

Occupy Wall Street spreads to Philadelphia, 250 at City Hall

October 6, 2011—Occupy Wall Street-style protesters swarmed Philadelphia City Hall Thursday with messages of anger and hope. An estimated 250 people amassed on the 15th Street side, holding banners, picket signs and props. Teresa Shoatz of West Philadelphia held a poster-board sign saying, “Jail bankers for fraud.”

Leaking pipe identified at Ga. nuclear plant

October 4, 2011—Workers have identified an underground pipe leaking radioactive water beneath a nuclear power plant in Georgia. Southern Co. spokeswoman Amoi Geter said Monday that workers were in the process of determining whether that pipe below Plant Hatch in Baxley is the sole cause of a leak of radioactive tritium that was first discovered Wednesday. Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen that is created inside nuclear reactors.

Apple: Co-founder Steve Jobs dead at 56

October 6, 2011—Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO who invented and masterfully marketed ever-sleeker gadgets that transformed everyday technology, from the personal computer to the iPod and iPhone, has died. He was 56. Apple announced his death without giving a specific cause. Jobs had battled cancer in 2004 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009 after taking a leave of absence for unspecified health problems.


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