I have come here to suck on the rims of oil rigs

There are moon-sized holes in the floors of cyber cafes

Me? I am a mass expanding gradually

& your malaria parasite

In an anthropological museum, there’s a man who breathes through the tip of his head

You live in the HTML format too

Infinities are the length of Independence Monument in Yangon

I have to get a new email address every day

Snakehead is a deity fish The temple choking in my throat

is an illegitimate star somewhere else

We have thoroughly searched the place

The parking buses themselves are bad karma

I punched & bruised the guy in my dream

Let us legally do what we must do in the dark

When the right time comes, we will sacrifice a pig

Though it’s not time, the instrument tuner has come

On the inside he is bringing laws to amend

On the inside of the inside he is bringing child soldiers

On the inside of the inside of the inside he is bringing paper flowers

I have lies to sell

Unearth the earth says the sky

The italicized sentences I am happy in their house


Maung Day, a Burmese poet, writer and artist, is the author of three poetry books, The Pleasure Sea (2006), Surplus Biology (2011), and Alluvial Plain of Ogres (2012). He has edited several Burmese contemporary literary and art magazines and is the translator of a number of children’s books. Aside from literature and poetry, he has also been active in the arts scene in Yangon, where he co-founded a performance art festival. He now lives in Thailand.

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