Clair de lune., Jacque, Charles Emile

Of course we could begin
with the moon, so famous
and cold,

at the edge of a breeze,
almost blind among
fraying branches,

right here where we are,
fully clothed, each of us
holding a peach worn smooth

from caresses, hungry enough
to begin unnaming
some animals.

Rubén Merriwether Peña

Rubén Merriwether Peña holds a doctorate in Latin American literature from Penn State University. His academic research focuses on Vicente Huidobro’s creacionismo and other Spanish American and Luso-Brazilian avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century. A laureate of the Instituto de Estudios Vallejianos, Peña’s creative work appears in the US in journals such as Linden Lane Magazine, Chasqui, La Marca Hispánica, and The Bitter Oleander.

David Rock

David Rock has poems and translations appearing in The American Journal of Poetry, The Carolina Quarterly, The Laurel Review, The Chattahoochee Review, New American Writing, Image, and elsewhere. He teaches Spanish and international studies at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg.