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By **Rebecca Bates**

rsz_bates.jpgBack in November, Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi was sentenced to death for allegedly insulting the Quran. No one knows exactly what she uttered that was labeled blasphemous (to repeat it would also be blasphemy), but according to her husband it may have been something along the lines of, “Are we Christians not human too?”

The country’s blasphemy obsession continues to rage. Recently in Karachi, the previously unheard of Movement for the Protection of the Invitation to Islam posted banners encouraging the murder of Tehmina Durrani, author of My Feudal Lord, A Mirror to the Blind, and Blasphemy. Pictures of the banners can be found at Citizens for Democracy.

These calls for murder follow on the heels of Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer’s assassination in January (by one of his own bodyguards, no less). Taseer publicly supported Bibi, and was an outspoken member of the liberal minority.

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