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By **Rebecca Bates**

rsz_bates.jpgZealous science fiction fans with $6,000 to spare will be delighted to know that Philip K. Dick’s notated Bible is up for grabs on Ebay. In the product description, the seller says, “Others have written about Dick’s religious transformation, but none, to my knowledge, has consulted this volume: Dick’s inscribed copy of THE NEW ENGLISH BIBLE: NEW TESTAMENT (Oxford University Press, 1963). On the front flyleaf, Dick has made handwritten notations regarding the resurrection, gnosticism, and the casting out of devils.” Sure, the author of A Scanner Darkly underwent a serious pyschological religious crisis in the 70s that may or may not have involved terrifying hallucinations (these “visions” were documented in his journals, published later as Exegesis), but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be privy to the man’s private struggles. I, sadly, won’t be learning Dick’s personal method for casting out devils anytime soon, as my parents only give me $90 a week for spending money. Yes, I still get an allowance.

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Rebecca Bates is the blog editor at Guernica. She’s on Twitter.

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