Alex_Halperin-small.jpgAt least once a month the Financial Times publishes a weekend supplement refreshingly titled How to Spend It. In any given issue you might pick up suggestions for $5,000 hotel rooms in Bali or where to buy a $20 million sailboat. One imagines, however, that the customer of true discernment doesn’t care to be informed by a newspaper available for $2.50. And so let’s assume the supplement is aimed more at the, um, aspirational consumer. Inside there’s plenty more to inspire feelings of inferiority/superiority.

The back page feature “Perfect Weekend” (pronounced wee-kend in Britain) spotlights someone more fashionable than you musing on their ideal forty-eight-hour recharge. I’m sorry to report that the feature has taken an unfortunate meritocratic turn but a few years ago it inevitably featured the heir to some European luxury brand discussing how, after a week of travel and dealmaking, he retreated to the familial cottage for mushroom foraging and a visit to a local restaurant so authentic and simple it could only exist in Middle Earth. The billionaire scion is always on familiar terms with the chef, they might even have some shared blood thanks to the medieval practice of droit de seigneur.

“Perfect Weekend” is just one of the delights in every edition of How to Spend It. The ridiculously picky audiophile will enjoy the gadget column “Technopolis,” and aristocrats will get a rubbing from the fables in “Wry Society.” Really I can’t recommend HTSI highly enough! For all the joy it’s brought me I promise it will be my first read the next time I’m in the market for a $60,000 Swiss legacy chronograph.

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