Alex_Halperin-small.jpgMichael Lewis’s new book The Big Short is excerpted in the new Vanity Fair.

At times I’ve reported articles that use a single character to illuminate a wider issue. Like everyone else who’s ever tried this, I usually find that the people’s stories don’t align quite as well as I might like or that their dramatic arcs end up falling at least a little bit flat. Whenever Michael Lewis ventures into the world he discovers fully-formed narratives populated by singular characters and then he tells their story with expert knowledge dished out so subtly that the reader begins thinking of himself as a financial wizard. If the excerpt is any guide, Michael Burry, a doctor who stumbled onto the trade of a lifetime is one such character. Inevitably the new book The Big Short will be another cracking read. Michael Lewis is infuriating.

Bio: Alex Halperin is an editor at Guernica. Read his last recommendation of e-books “here”:

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