Alex_Smith-small.jpgLast Friday marked the start of a new exhibition at the Guggenheim in New York City. Contemplating the Void is an external search for an internal exhibit, as the curators asked nearly 200 artists and architects to think about the potential of the iconic void inside the Guggenheim Museum.

The results have already been widely published and most of them have some interesting connections and draw references to architects and styles from the past fifty years of design.

In looking through the evocative images some of my personal favorites focused on the idea of occupying the void with people: Experiencing the void by Julien De Smedt Architects (JDS); and ART/TRAP by Mass Studies.

These and hundreds of other images explore the way we view the iconic museum and reevaluate the how we interact with each other and the spaces built into the buildings we use on a regular basis.

I unfortunately will not get to see the exhibit for a while but if you get a chance to stop by let me know what you think.

Bio: Alex Smith is an intern at Guernica. Read her last recommendation of interactive spaces “here”:

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