Alex_Smith-small.jpg For six years Geoff Manaugh has worked on BLDGBLOG , an architecture/design/landscape/thought blog that has changed the way millions think about the world around us.

Last year he published some of the best of the blog’s ideas and designs into a stunning book , filled with some of the most intriguing ideas about constructed space I have ever read. In his introduction he describes his goals for the book:

“In other words, forget academic rigor. Never take the appropriate next step. Talk about Chinese urban design, the European space program, the landscape in the films of Alfred Hitchcock in the span of three sentences—because it’s fun, and the juxtapositions might take you somewhere. Most importantly, follow your lines of interest.”

“Finally, I want to reiterate that BLDGBLOG is fundamentally about following, and not being ashamed by, your own enthusiasms, whether or not they are rigorous and appropriate for the academic mores of the day, or even interesting for your family and friends.”

Bio: Alex Smith is an intern at Guernica. Read her last recommendation of the art of construction “here”:

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