The other day, I noticed this song on my iPod by a band called So Cow (clever, right?). I don’t know where it came from; I’d never heard of the band before, but I gave the song a listen. “Casablanca,” it was called, a twitchy little number about how romance is nothing like the movies. I mean, I think that’s what it’s about—all you really notice is the singer yelping “Casa! Blanca!” over and over. Turns out, So Cow is the moniker of Brian Kelly, from Tuam, Ireland. I was intrigued, so I downloaded So Cow’s eponymous album. The verdict? Well, some of it’s excellent, some of it not so much. The worst songs aren’t horrible, they’re just noise-pop with too much noise, not enough pop. Whining guitars, tuneless yelling.

The best songs are off-kilter, lo-fi tunes where it sounds like the music is threatening to veer ahead of the vocals at any second. I can’t stop listening to “Halcyon Days,” a charming, out-of-tune reminiscence of adolescence. The lyrics are cringe-inducing in their honesty, for example: “Had a cigarette, I got sick / met a girl and I escaped quick.” “Greetings,” another highlight, exudes an urgency and earnestness somewhere between the Mountain Goats and the Thermals. Overall, an uneven album sprinkled with some damn catchy moments.

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