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By **Erica Wright**

erica_wright-small.jpgWell-acted, understated films often find me looking at my watch every ten minutes. Not so with The Vicious Kind, a warning to get more sleep if I ever saw one. Caleb (Adam Scott) has been cheated on and hasn’t slept in a week. Enter his younger brother’s girlfriend Emma (Brittany Snow) who looks remarkably like his ex. Though advertised as a dark comedy, the tension, not the humor, propels the story forward. Writer-director Lee Toland Krieger explores which secrets we divulge and which we hold close.

Bio: Erica Wright is the poetry editor at Guernica. Her “interview with John Ashbery”:, “Houses at Night,” appeared in Guernica’s February 2008 issue. Read her latest piece on W.S. Merwin “here”:

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