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NATO fuel tanker torched in Pakistan

September 30, 2011—Militants in northwest Pakistan have torched at least one oil tanker ferrying fuel for U.S.-led foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan, Press TV reports. Pakistani officials say that the tanker was set on fire late Thursday at the Torkham border in the tribal area of Khyber Agency, leaving one person injured. Meanwhile, Pakistani authorities have closed the Chaman border crossing in southwest Balochistan Province after an explosion on Thursday killed a bomb disposal expert who was trying to defuse the device.

U.S. drone strike kills four in Pakistan

September 30, 2011—At least four people have been killed and five others injured in the latest non-UN-sanctioned U.S. drone strike in troubled northwest of Pakistan, Press TV reports. The assault took place in Baghar village of South Waziristan tribal district on Friday when the drone fired two missiles at a vehicle.

Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair from his role as Middle East peace envoy over “bias to Israel”

—Officials: Blair acting like “extreme” Israeli diplomat

September 30, 2011—Tony Blair’s job as a Middle East peace envoy is in jeopardy after officials in the Palestinian Authority accused him of acting like an “extreme” Israeli diplomat. Senior figures in the Palestine Liberation Organisation are reported to be planning to sever all contact with the former prime minister. They described Mr Blair as “persona non grata” and said they were looking to isolate the former PM so his position became untenable on the international stage.

Union Airline Pilots Occupy Wall Street

September 29, 2011—Over 700 hundred Continental and United pilots, joined by additional pilots from other Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) carriers, demonstrate in front of Wall Street on September 27, 2011, in New York City. Hundreds of uniformed pilots, standing in stark contrast to the youthful Occupy Wall Street protesters, staged their own protest outside of Wall Street over the past couple of days, holding signs with the picture of the Hudson river crash asking, “What’s a Pilot Worth” and others declaring “Management is Destroying Our Airline.”

800 additional U.S. military trainers to be sent to Afghanistan by March

September 26, 2011—Eight hundred more U.S. military trainers will be sent to Afghanistan by March to help with protecting opium/gas routes and other areas in which the Afghan army is short on skills, Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, commander of NATO’s training mission there, said Monday. Caldwell said training in these areas was needed to enable Afghan army units to be better prepared to operate without U.S. support by 2014, when American combat troops are scheduled to leave.

State lawmakers push to allow guns on college campuses

September 29, 2011—State lawmakers across the U.S. are pushing a growing number of bills this year that would legalize carrying guns on college campuses, according to groups tracking the trend. So far this year, at least 14 states have introduced 35 bills that would allow students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on state colleges and universities or loosen restrictions on gun bans on campuses, according to the National Conference of State Legislators. The emboldened effort to legalize guns on campuses comes on the heels of a ruling by the Oregon Court of Appeals on Wednesday that repealed a university gun ban.

Cantaloupe listeria outbreak deadliest in years

September 29, 2011—Health officials nationwide have urged people to use caution when purchasing or eating cantaloupe due to one of the deadliest outbreaks of food contamination in recent history. 72 cases of listeria poisoning have been responsible for 13 deaths in 18 states, and and those numbers are expected to rise in the coming days. The FDA [was] able to pinpoint its source to Jenson Farms in Holly, Colorado. Jenson Farms has since recalled its entire 2011 crop.

Ground beef recalled in 14 U.S states

September 28, 2011—Tyson, the biggest meat processor in the United States, is recalling 131,300 pounds of ground beef sold in 14 states after an outbreak of e.coli in Ohio, U.S food inspectors said Wednesday. The ground beef—enough for more than half a million hamburgers—was sold with a best-before date of September 12, but the Department of Agriculture fears that much of it may have been frozen by consumers for later use. In a statement, it said its food safety and inspection service “strongly encourages consumers to check their freezers and immediately discard any product subject to this recall.”


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