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By **Rachel Louise Ensign**

The Sidney Hillman Foundation commended Khadija Sharife’s “FIFA’s Love of Tax Havens,” in their “Winners & Sinners/Summer Edition” wrap-up. Sharife’s piece appeared exclusively on Guernica’s blog in early July. Charles Kaiser, a seasoned writer who has worked for The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, names media’s “Winners & Sinners” about once a month on the non-profit organization’s “Full Court Press” blog. Kaiser wrote that Sharife provided “a penetrating look at the dark side of the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)—the ’non-profit’ governing body of international soccer which earned $3.3 billion from this year’s World Cup.”

“FIFA’s Love of Tax Havens” was the only article from an online-only or alternative media outlet to be mentioned as a “winner.” The Sidney Hillman Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports free and progressive journalism.

Copyright 2010 Rachel Louise Ensign


Rachel Louise Ensign is an Editorial Assistant at Guernica.

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