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By **Roshini Thinakaran**

Photos by Rocky Kistner, NRDC

roshiniheadshot.jpgThe new online short-documentary series Journey OnEarth follows correspondent Roshini Thinakaran, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, as she reports about the people most impacted by pollution, oil spills, toxic chemicals, and communities coping with climate change across the country.

In the debut episode, “Hunting for Oil,” Thinakaran looks at the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster through the eyes of the people trying to understand the impact of the spill.

What they find may help hold BP accountable for one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history.

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Copyright 2010 Roshini Thinakaran


Roshini Thinakaran is a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, TED Global Fellow, and founder of Women at the Forefront. She is a documentarian recognized for her work examining the effects of war on women. Zak Wenning, a video producer for National Geographic Society is filming with her. Zak has over ten years of experience in production and working with various cultural groups. Kellianne Jones is a fourth-year film student at Syracuse University. For more on Roshini’s work please visit her website.

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