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Pots & Pans



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Pots & Pans features a fantastical family in Queens, including a Chinese grandmother who replaces a leg lost to gangrene with a frying pan; Aunt Lola, who collects boxes of Marlboro cigarette cases for UPC codes; and many more grotesquely charming characters. The family is seen through the whimsical eyes of a little Chinese girl who likes to play drums on pots and pans.

Lisa Lim is a funny-boned cartoonist and writer currently living in DUMBO, nestled between her favorite bridges. Her finger and toe art illustrations have appeared in The Agriculture Reader and her fiction has previously been featured in Guernica. She holds an MFA in creative writing from The City College of New York where she was a recipient of The Jerome Lowell DeJur Award. Her new graphic comic, Pots & Pans, is now available in select New York City bookstores.

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