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On the Fly with Katherine Ellison

The Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter on receiving an ADHD diagnosis at the same time as her son, how writing her new memoir helped them deal with their mutual diagnosis, and the mental health industry.


Photograph by Katherine Ellison

On this month’s edition of “On the Fly,” Guernica Editor-at-Large Mark Dowie interviews investigative reporter Katherine Ellison. In her new memoir, Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention, Ellison recounts her tumultuous relationship with her son, Buzz, after the two were diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As Ellison investigates what genuine relief is available on the market, wading through the array of products sold by our modern pharmaceutical industry, the memoir incidentally became the fulcrum the two needed to deal with their mutual diagnosis—and make what felt out of control much more manageable.

Part One: Managing “the option storm”

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Part Two: How writing the memoir helped Ellison and her son

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Part Three: What happens to parents when a child is diagnosed with ADHD

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