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Fardaha represents the second dekalogue of Canto X of an unfinished epic by the poet Omid Pirr. Subtitled The General on the Roof, it constitutes a literary installation, a scriptage, and a performative readation of a poignant episode in the turbulent first months of the Iranian revolution of 1979. (Click on the arrow icons in the lower right of the frame to read in fullscreen.)

Amir Parsa

Amir Parsa is the author of fifteen literary works and the ongoing “The Portable Open Epic.” Written in French, English, Farsi and Spanish (and various hybrids), his pieces have been read and performed in galleries and museums, in streets and on rooftops, in broad daylight and in hiding, and at various festivals and curated venues. Born in Tehran, he currently lives in New York, where he is chair of Art and Design Education at Pratt Institute and a lecturer at The Museum of Modern Art.

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