A big muchos gracias to the Supreme Court for upholding the Federal Abortion Ban last week—at least now women know where we stand in this country. We don’t.

The 5-4 decision upheld the first-ever federal ban on abortion. The decision reverses Supreme Court precedent, rolls back protections guaranteed since the days of Roe, and demonstrates just how little the anti-choice contingent cares about women.

Just so we’re clear—because there has been a lot of talk about this “partial birth abortion” nonsense. There is no such thing as partial birth abortion. It doesn’t exist. It’s a made up word for a procedure that’s pretty much never used unless a woman’s health or life is at risk. The idea, of course, is to make people think the legislation is about some gruesome procedure, when, in fact, the language of the law is so (deliberately) vague that almost any abortion could be seen as illegal. In fact, in 1998, doctors in Wisconsin stopped performing abortions pretty much overnight, when the ban was enacted in their state for fear that they would be sent to prison.

The law also makes no exception for women’s health (cause what do we matter, really?) and has been ruled unconstitutional by every federal court that looked at it until now. (Thanks, Roberts and Alito!)

This decision sends a clear message to American women—you don’t count. Your voices don’t matter. And, you have no right to bodily integrity.

To help do some damage control, urge your representatives to support the Freedom of Choice Act, which would restore reproductive rights as recognized under Roe.

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