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Russ Baker: The Trayvon Effect, Americans As Tragedy Addicts

March 2012

The Trayvon Martin case is emotional, high-stakes, and has been getting a lot of attention—but should human drama drive the discourse?

Russ Baker: But Syriasly, Folks

February 2012
 Russ Baker weighs in on the reports of Syria’s uprising, and why the press might be getting it wrong.

Russ Baker: Is Israel Really Iran’s Main Adversary? The West Doth Protest Too Much

February 2012
 If Israel takes the brunt of the criticism for getting things started with Iran, then we let the U.S. off the hook.

Russ Baker: The Saudis, a Twitter Investment, and the End of the Arab Spring?

February 2012
 Is Twitter (a) a leading vehicle for freedom movements, or (b) primed to control and shut down open discourse throughout the world?

Russ Baker: Ten Questions on Romney’s Taxes

January 2012
 So, Romney’s taxes have been disclosed. But what does it all mean?

Russ Baker: The Deaths of JFK, RFK—and the Silence of the Lambs

January 2012
 Plenty of new “JFK assassination” material coming down the pike for you avid consumers. Too bad it’s mostly garbage. When exactly did courage and truth-seeking go out of fashion?

Russ Baker: An Open Letter to NYT Staffers: Leave the Plantation and Join Us

January 2012
 A response to the recent wave of NYT insurrection.

Russ Baker: Iowa: Watch!… Watch!… Watch!… Why are you Watching?

January 2012
 Deconstructing conventional media and the 2012 horserace.

Russ Baker: Justifying War With Iran

December 2011
 Is the U.S. preparing the public for war with Iran? You bet.

Russ Baker: The Saudi Arab Spring Nobody Noticed

December 2011
 Why Saudi Arabia can’t count on the handy boost the West gave to revolutions in nearby countries.

Russ Baker: Corporate Media Stumped on How to Cover the Occupy Movement

November 2011
 Does conventional journalism fail to do Occupy Wall Street justice?

Russ Baker: Now That We’re Celebrating Qaddafi’s End, Can We Get A Little Truth?

September 2011
 As the dust settles in Libya, it’s starting to look suspiciously like an invasion for spoils.

Russ Baker: Who—And What—Are Behind The “Official History” Of The Bin Laden Raid?

August 2011
 When you look closely, nothing seems right about what will surely become the accepted account of the raid that nailed America’s enemy number one. And then things get even weirder…

Russ Baker: The New York Times’ Ostrich Act On JFK Assassination Getting Old

July 2011
 If journalism can’t be trusted, democracy is on a slippery slope.

Russ Baker: What Rupert Murdoch Means For You Personally

July 2011
 Twelve points where Murdoch has impacted our world and our lives, even if they are obscured in the daily rush of revelations.

Russ Baker: What Panetta Saw—And What We Got

July 2011
 How Leon Panetta’s recent trip to Afghanistan and Iran reveal nothing more than what a microphone in Washington would have.

Russ Baker: Two Million Dead—Now What’s That South Sudan Independence About?

July 2011
 We all like pageantry (Kate and William and all), but the South Sudan independence story shouldn’t bury the strategic angle.

Russ Baker and Spencer Mandel: Fact Wrestling: Ashton Kutcher v. Village Voice

July 2011
 When we count on celebrities to provide us with guidance on politics and news, we can easily be led astray. Here, we review a battle between Ashton Kutcher and a newspaper, and find Kutcher coming up short.

Russ Baker: “Coca-Cola Plant” Takes On A Whole New Meaning

July 2011
 Something good coming out of the World Wildelife Fund’s infamous chumminess with big corporations? Who knew?

Russ Baker: Libya Update…Featuring Media and Congress as Daffy Duck

June 2011
 The why of the massive bombing of Libya continues to grow more nonsensical. Congress is baffled into paralysis, and our major media stick to the most honorable interpretation—despite evidence to the contrary.

Russ Baker: Is Aging Itself A Curable Disease? This Scientist Says Yes—Up To A Point

June 2011
 British aging researcher David Gems says the aging process can be hugely mitigated. He also recognizes that there are ethical dilemmas in further extending life.

Russ Baker: More Questions About The Libyan Sex Atrocity Reporting

June 2011
 The media’s fondness for stories with a sexual component might be leading to shoddy reporting.

Russ Baker: Did Qaddafi Really Order Mass Rapes? Or is the West Falling Victim to a Viagra-Strength Scam?

June 2011
 The story of Qaddafi's “mass rapes” might be too crazy to be true.

Russ Baker: Born Again—And Brain Damage

June 2011
 How George W. Bush may have been making a political calculation when he declared himself “Born Again.”

Russ Baker: A Moment to Seize With Israel

June 2011
 While some criticize Meir Dagan for recent comments on Israel, what we should really be asking is why this doesn’t happen more often.

Russ Baker: Cell Phones, Cancer, And You

June 2011
 This week’s big news—that cell phones cause cancer—isn’t new to anyone who’s been paying attention for the past 16 months.

Russ Baker: With Prison, Try A Little Tenderness

May 2011
 Are studies like this, by serious researchers, always ignored, or do people ever pay attention and actually change their minds?

Russ Baker: Trump is Not the Carnival Slideshow—The Political “Normal” Is

May 2011
 The media accuses candidates like Trump and Palin of making the elections into a “circus,” but the real problems are the candidates who seem more legitimate.

Russ Baker: Quick, Quick: Why Are We in Libya? A New Candor Prevails…Sort Of

May 2011
 The writer dissects the New York Times and asks, “what was Britain’s particular reason for focusing on Qaddafi, as opposed to any other run-of-the-mill murderous thug in these general parts?”

Russ Baker: Renewing Our Views, Japanese Style

May 2011
 Japan has committed to building an entirely new, less nuclear-reliant energy policy. Maybe we should consider doing the same.

Russ Baker: 100 Percent Renewable Energy Laughable? Would 80 Percent Float Your Boat?

May 2011
 The bottom line: visibility is crucial—if action is to follow. This is why we cannot depend on “old media” any more than on “old energy.”

Russ Baker: Osama, The Future, and the Power of Nightmares

May 2011
 What we almost never see discussed is the bottom line. What is the long-term nature of the Islamic fundamentalist threat, or the nature of the worldview and grievances behind it?

Russ Baker: 12 Questions about bin Laden

May 2011
 Do we, after all of the years of lying, all of a sudden accept whatever the government says as true?

Russ Baker: Getting Real on Budgets—And Who Won’t Budge

April 2011
 If you are one of the lucky ones who has been blessed, fairly or not, with the benefits this country, its people, and its economy can bestow, you might well ask: What have I done in return?

Russ Baker: Should “Frack” Be A Curse Word? A Look At the Hottest New Energy “Solution”

April 2011
 Don’t expect to take your tap water for granted ever again.

Russ Baker: Woodward Update: The Post and the Generals

October 2010 Bob Woodward claims that he is no more than a passive chronicler of events. Yet he has played a significant role in the unfolding history he reports. Whether that benefits the public is something else entirely.