Tag: sexuality

Aya Aziz: How Do So Many People Fit Into A Single Nobody?

August 2016

Sara Elkamel interviews Aya Aziz about Islam, sexuality and the dimensions of the self

Surveillance Revisited

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The ICP curator on urban panopticons, humans as data, and the selfie.

The Darling Duck

November 2014

One of many recipes inspired by centuries of yearning for the eternal duck.

Sarah Van Arsdale: I Was A Lesbian Writer

June 2014

What happens when a nice, middle-aged, straight woman writer writes lesbian lit.

Nadja Tesich: On Seduction

February 2014

Do you speak French? No? You ought to, just a bit.

The Science of Sex

December 2013

The journalist on researching lust, the myth of female monogamy, and why “voyeurism is essential to good writing.”

Interior Lives

May 2013

The award-winning novelist on the fluidity of sexuality, the intersections of art and selfishness, and her most recent book, The Woman Upstairs.

Sex & Death

February 2013

Matt Korvette of the punk band Pissed Jeans on pain, fashion fetishes, and redirecting the male gaze

James M. Decker: Henry Miller’s Pyrrhic Victory

October 2012

Banned Books Week: Though Miller defeated censorship, his work was misunderstood and cartoonishly simplified

Juliet Jacques: XXXora’s Newer Gender

June 2012

A London artist explores third-sex identity through pop culture icons from Michael Jackson to Margaret Thatcher.

The World Without You

June 2012

He’s mopping at his pelvis with a wadded-up tissue, and then he’s mopping her up as well. Already the backs of her thighs are caking up.

Trans-Formative Change

March 2011 America’s first openly transgender law professor on the power of zines, the sacrifice social movements require, and the limits of legal reform.