Fourth Algorithm

By Terrell Jamal Terry
November 2016

“I have trouble naming myself / In a language I can find.”

Prisoner’s Cinema with Saints Catherine and Lucy

By Susannah Nevison
November 2016

"You are not / eyeless and God is nowhere"

Labor Day

By sam sax
June 2016

The Future of Cities: any word / traced to its origin is a small boy begging for water

Migrant Is Not a Metaphor

By Cynthia Dewi Oka
June 2016

The Future of Cities: A migrant learns to love as mothers do, / by trying and trying again.


By R. A. Villanueva
June 2016

Praise instead the night, / it’s starless, basilica void.

Let’s Not Begin

By Maggie Smith
June 2016

Worry and console, worry / and console: it’s how I stay / in shape.


By Kaveh Akbar
May 2016

I came out / hot as a punched jaw


By Hala Alyan
May 2016

They said burn the keys / but only our hair caught fire.

A Soldier

By Admiel Kosman, translated from the Hebrew by Lisa Katz
May 2016

the melting seconds of your longing / in the brown of a military shirt

She Walked In / She Walked Out

By Roberto Montes
May 2016

Whatever you touched grew more like itself

Question of Origins

By Kamil Bouška, translated from the Czech by Ondrej Pazdirek
April 2016

Each fossil / is overburdened with life

How Easy to Live with Choice

By Esther Lin
April 2016

Oh it’s / a gold rush of expectations this place.

Apocalypse with Bed Sheets

By Brian Clifton
April 2016

I pick him up, / and he unravels / into a sheet.

Hyel’s Zumbi

By jayy dodd
April 2016

Call his neck plum, when it bruises / say the skin makes it easy to digest.

Straight to the jawline bloody Igor

By Shelly Taylor
March 2016

Future of Language: Trumpets skyward, you know about it, side eye, you know how goes silence in the rock-n-roll

Twentieth-First Century

By Samuel Amadon
March 2016

Future of Language: I vote with my feet. I vote with my wallet. / I vote in person with my vote.

Hera, Say Hello

By Meghan Privitello
March 2016

Why, among this applause, 
/ have I become so small in this life

There’s no such thing as a free symphony

By Sonya Bilocerkowycz
March 2016

We reap / such risky skills from childhood

the underworld

By Tyler Gonlag
February 2016

your sad eyes are a river / the locals know not to swim


By Kate Gaskin
February 2016

Cousin, I have had a premonition.

From L’Heure Bleue, or The Judy Poems

By Elisa Gabbert
February 2016

it’s good to remember / how much it hurts

White Boy Time Machine: Software

By Hieu Minh Nguyen
February 2016

b u t w h e r e a r e y o u r e a l l y f r o m ? / yesterday is the wrong answer, tomorrow too

In Vitro

By Christopher Salerno
January 2016

hair as unreal / as a doll built by hand / in the hold of beautiful ship

Lessons on Expulsion

By Erika L. Sánchez
January 2016

This grain, this / wild greedy thing

[I too drag around tin cans]

By Yosefa Raz
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: I too fear / invisible drunken singers, I too fear / white horses.

Love American-Made/ Your Toy Ode:Us

By Aliah Lavonne Tigh
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The heart I hide behind the hood: / always speeding hot, too / easily interstated.

Annie Scrubs Motel Floors

By Brianna Albers
December 2015

there was no sex & the bruises / were Boy’s way of saying no, then yes, then no again

The Parable of the Wayward Child

By Shara McCallum
December 2015

All her life as if / she in a race with ruin.

The Saints of the Last Days

By Aimée Baker
November 2015

Pray that on this evenfall, bees will fly thick / from her mouth.

I From Absolute Solitude

By Dulce María Loynaz, translated from the Spanish by James O'Connor
November 2015

I believe they are many, and some are beautiful and deserve to live.