Arcadia, Mars

By Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: Not even the olive he wedged / under her tongue / could hold her, clot those cries—

The Body

By Boston Gordon
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: Because people you know sometimes cut theirs
 / off so as not to look like you.


By Nance Van Winckel
March 2015

back back back / to fowl becoming fish.


By Rajiv Mohabir
March 2015

A mandrake quickens / into greed-grab, tears a page / from Genesis.

Corpse Flower

By Kerri Webster
February 2015

Blooms one day a year. Let wolves / suck marrow from the bones of boys.

Halfway Through Life

By Mark Yakich
February 2015

We who crossed paths with the bomber / and lived the whole afternoon through.


By Sarah Barber
February 2015

you don’t think of Vermont / when you think full-blown heroin crisis. / I don’t see why not but I’m not from here.

Terrorists Speak in Strange Languages

By Asef Hossaini, translated from the Persian Dari by Farzana Marie
February 2015

I lock my tongue / even though I’ve prayed / in Persian for a thousand years.


By Bradley Harrison
January 2015

Brother we are legion here.


By Ejiofor Ugwu
January 2015

It is a rat world. / You only live to keep them out / or on the way.


By Robin Beth Schaer
December 2014

Religion in America: The choice left was to be lost. / I climbed cloud-high to answer.

God suspected my heart was a geode but he had to make sure

By Layla Benitez-James
December 2014

Religion in America: good, God said, I took clouds and planted them / in soft, red clay.

The Easement

By Joshua Marie Wilkinson
December 2014

to startle / one dead to what living’s no longer worth.

Hopper’s Women

By Emily Carroll
December 2014

she, standing there now with all the immodest strength / of a clapboard house, who has not even asked for this light.

Kafka Erases His Father With Moonlight

By Karen An-hwei Lee
November 2014

Moonlight poured fiery poison into my life.

Said Gun Sleeps

By Andrew Grace
November 2014

I’d sleep against the wall in the unemployment line / next to men who slit throats in another country

In Which Forest

By Pierluigi Cappello, translated from the Italian by Todd Portnowitz
November 2014

you gripped the axe’s handle, forever poised / to make a mark


By Laura Bylenok
November 2014

If, in the church, there was blood / her blood was colorless

Elegy With Agency

By W. M. Lobko
October 2014

You can no more waterboard yourself / than sneak up on yourself at a party

the years

By Wendy Xu
October 2014

where does dark begin settling / my little bones.

A Brief History of the Whale Fishery

By Rachel Richardson
October 2014

American Empires: the body: / such thin skin / and gold beneath—


By Danniel Schoonebeek
October 2014

American Empires: If they sing will she barb them my love in her eating dress

Adelle Steals the Key To

By Kristina Marie Darling
September 2014

I carried our wedding china out to the dock, threw every goblet into the ocean.

My Father Gave the Neighbors

By Erez Bitton, translated from the Hebrew by Tsipi Keller
September 2014

my mother / unraveled both her eyes to the ravens

Some Otherside, Some Subterranean

By Nick Flynn
September 2014

Our guest poetry editor selects poems that sit on “the knife edge between what we call the everyday and what we call the night.”


By Garret Burrell, guest-edited by Nick Flynn
September 2014

Half of this / is an illusion. See here you / there is no place that does not from.

Late Style

By Graham Foust, guest-edited by Nick Flynn
September 2014

before she announced her arrival, she devoured it.

Guidebooks for the Dead

By Cynthia Cruz, guest-edited by Nick Flynn
September 2014

I could feel something bright / As it left the body.

Discrepancies Regarding My Mother’s Departure

By Rachel Eliza Griffiths, guest-edited by Nick Flynn
September 2014

It’s your turn, it’s always your turn, / the night says.

House-Sitting With Approaching Fire

By Idra Novey
August 2014

Dear friends / the ash-fall is thickening here

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