From L’Heure Bleue, or The Judy Poems

By Elisa Gabbert
February 2016

it’s good to remember / how much it hurts

White Boy Time Machine: Software

By Hieu Minh Nguyen
February 2016

b u t w h e r e a r e y o u r e a l l y f r o m ? / yesterday is the wrong answer, tomorrow too

In Vitro

By Christopher Salerno
January 2016

hair as unreal / as a doll built by hand / in the hold of beautiful ship

Lessons on Expulsion

By Erika L. Sánchez
January 2016

This grain, this / wild greedy thing

[I too drag around tin cans]

By Yosefa Raz
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: I too fear / invisible drunken singers, I too fear / white horses.

Love American-Made/ Your Toy Ode:Us

By Aliah Lavonne Tigh
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The heart I hide behind the hood: / always speeding hot, too / easily interstated.

Annie Scrubs Motel Floors

By Brianna Albers
December 2015

there was no sex & the bruises / were Boy’s way of saying no, then yes, then no again

The Parable of the Wayward Child

By Shara McCallum
December 2015

All her life as if / she in a race with ruin.

The Saints of the Last Days

By Aimée Baker
November 2015

Pray that on this evenfall, bees will fly thick / from her mouth.

I From Absolute Solitude

By Dulce María Loynaz, translated from the Spanish by James O'Connor
November 2015

I believe they are many, and some are beautiful and deserve to live.

Charon’s Obol

By Madeleine Wattenberg
November 2015

The truth is / I’d tongue the honey from most any hand / that granted me a crossing.


By Chris Martin
November 2015

Everything is art / to be broken.


By Philip Schaefer
October 2015

Every day a heart is pulled / out like a wet plum from one body / and placed inside another.

Sita Considers Her Rebellions

By Vandana Khanna
October 2015

She has killed things / (though it is forbidden) with her hands

The Last Breath

By Ewa Lipska, translated from the Polish by Margret Grebowicz
October 2015

This party has no history.

Whatever We Name, We Exceed

By Mary Kovaleski Byrnes
October 2015

these things I try to name each day / were never mine to lose.

preservation tactics

By Abi Pollokoff
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: an orange, plucked, a fester, a fist— / we eat dead things to stay alive

The World’s Oldest Cherry Tree Is Alive and Well but Barely Able to Walk

By Maya Janson
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: Underfoot, / the spring grass was an animal whose fur must never be cut.

my name is man

By Wiley Birkhofer
September 2015

i have torn myself down / my breezy bad mind

Army SMART Book Section 1-8: “The origin of the hand salute is uncertain.”

By Karen Skolfield
September 2015

Prove you’re mammalian by twisting / your neck a mere 160 degrees, / 180 if you’re under 30.

Now I understand what maturity is. Thank you, Wool!

By Kent Shaw
August 2015

We had been asked to piece together the conspiracy using only wool.


By Shayla Lawson
August 2015

I do not / write about you for you / are not washed out.

Twelve Days of Wedding

By Taisia Kitaiskaia
August 2015

Your beauty is catching, / all my antelopes are on fire & ruined.

I Go for a Walk in the Evening While the Body Stays at Home

By Alix Anne Shaw
August 2015

The body unbuckles the door latch / and stands behind the screen.

Doubts and a Hesitation

By Garous Abdolmalekian, translated from the Persian by Ahmad Nadalizadeh and Idra Novey
July 2015

Who has dislocated the world? / and why are birds circling in our stomachs?

Preface to a Twenty-Volume Regicide Note

By Joshua Bennett
July 2015

Give me the names // of the slain. Say each name / like benediction.

robot nurse

By Maggie May Ethridge
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: i love a good man / rebuilt after burnt to the ground

horror vacui

By Beth Bachmann
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: stop & the Devil will push the Devil will be in me reborn


By Katy Lederer
June 2015

bones—to signal / I am human—stay away

waiting room

By YE Hui, translated from the Chinese by Dong LI
June 2015

you carry a heavier and heavier bag / and always feel it belongs to someone else

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