Hippocratic Bloat

Grace Bello interviews Shannon Brownlee and Dr. Vikas Saini
October 2014

American Empires: A journalist and a cardiologist discuss healthcare gone haywire and how Americans are medicating themselves to death.

Divine Acquisition

Meara Sharma interviews Anthony Pinn
October 2014

American Empires: The scholar of African-American religion on black megachurches and the marketability of the American Dream.

Pull Back to Reveal

Henry Peck interviews Ben Wizner
October 2014

American Empires: The privacy advocate and legal advisor to Edward Snowden on today’s surveillance empire.

Back to School

Nika Knight interviews Diane Ravitch
September 2014

The former assistant secretary of education grapples with the school-reform movement and the systemic issues that plague American education.

How Does It End?

David Burr Gerrard interviews Scott Cheshire
September 2014

The debut novelist and former Jehovah’s Witness on being a child preacher, leaving the church, and the safety of a good book.

A Tripartite Drama

Maurice Chammah interviews Lawrence Wright
September 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning writer mines the ongoing resonance of the Camp David Accords, on stage and on the page.

Fiery Appetites

Dwyer Murphy interviews Merritt Tierce
September 2014

The novelist and reproductive rights advocate on motherhood, sex, and the sensuality of restaurant life.

Grays in the Emerald City

Henry Peck interviews Elliott Colla
August 2014

As Iraq faces a new crisis, the novel Baghdad Central explores the freighted “moment of ambiguity” a decade earlier.

Night Vision

Geoff Mak interviews Karen Russell
August 2014

The acclaimed novelist on the secrets, dreams, and myths that fuel her storytelling.

Documenting Proximity

Aditi Sriram interviews Anjan Sundaram
August 2014

A mathematician destined for a plum job in finance drops everything to become a freelance journalist in war-torn Congo.

Felt Not Known

Meara Sharma interviews Evie Wyld
August 2014

The novelist on mythic creatures, horror stories, and sensory maladies.

Lyrical Impulse

Naima Coster interviews Stacey D'Erasmo
August 2014

The author on crafting new sounds, creating female characters, and portraying sex in literature.

How Do You Know?

Jonathan Lee interviews Zia Haider Rahman
July 2014

The Bangladeshi-British writer on news versus novels, swapping rural poverty for Wall Street, and “the power of story on the human mind.”

Small Rebellions

Michelle Chen interviews Grace Lee Boggs
July 2014

The civil rights icon on Detroit, the limits of protest organizing, and what she’s learned over seven decades of activism.

To Zion and Back

Ismail Khalidi interviews Max Blumenthal
July 2014

The journalist on the rise of Israeli extremism.

Combing the Edges

Wendy Lee interviews Anjali Singh
July 2014

The editorial director of Other Press on cultivating politically important literature, seeking new voices, and race and class in publishing.

Servings of Small Change

Meara Sharma interviews Jane Black and Brent Cunningham
June 2014

The food writers on building a food movement that transcends class lines.

Going Through Customs

Hillary Brenhouse interviews Cristina Ibarra
June 2014

The Chicana filmmaker on documenting a debutante ball in honor of George Washington’s birthday in Laredo, Texas, and adopting the Mexican-American border as her “muse.”

Talking Clean and Acting Dirty

Katherine Rowland interviews Robert Bullard
June 2014

The “father of environmental justice” on the politics of protection and vulnerability.

Notes for the Stage

Aditi Sriram interviews Ayad Akhtar
June 2014

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright on his relationship to Jewish artists, “the simple sense of being human,” and experiencing his work for the first time along with its audience.

This Little Light of Ours

Kiese Laymon in conversation with Stanley Nelson
June 2014

The Freedom Summer director on Mississippi and the role of music in civil rights.

Myth Is a Theorem About the Nature of Reality

Matthew Spellberg interviews Robert Bringhurst
May 2014

The scholar on the vivid tradition of Haida poetry.

The Thirty-Year Plan

Dani McClain interviews Sujatha Jesudason
May 2014

The sociologist on turning the focus of the reproductive rights movement from abortion to love, sex, family, and community.

A Nightmare of Violence and Terror

Jessica Holland interviews Hassan Blasim
May 2014

The PEN Prize-winning writer on his four-year journey as an undocumented immigrant, the “prison” of literary Arabic, and imagining a new Iraq.

Everyday Miracles

Win Bassett interviews Fr. James Martin
May 2014

The Jesuit priest, author, and avid tweeter on telling the story of Jesus through his divinity, and humanity.

The Third Maria

Oona Patrick and Dean Ellis interview Maria Teresa Horta
April 2014

The former member of the “Three Marias” on feminism forty years after the Portuguese Revolution, Facebook, and insubordination.

The Art of Independent Publishing

Jonathan Lee interviews Fiona McCrae
April 2014

The publisher of Graywolf on the pleasure of finding books others have overlooked.

A Muscle of Belief

Erica Wright interviews Barbara Hamby
April 2014

The Guggenheim fellow on returning to free verse in her latest collection, the difficulty of being joyful, and why poetry has taken the place of religion in her life.

Building in Verse

Parul Kapur Hinzen interviews Richard Blanco
April 2014

The inaugural poet on writing through cultural dualities, the pleasure of bilingualism, and why “the poem is a kind of mathematical proof.”

Stasis Shift

Elias Muhanna interviews Bassam Haddad
April 2014

The Jadaliyya co-founder on telling alternative stories about the Arab world, understanding the life cycles of revolution, and confronting “the weight of ancient problems.”

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