Up in Arms

Sarah Galo interviews Molly Crabapple
February 2016

The artist and journalist on reporting from Guantánamo Bay and Syria, glamor as a subversive power, and neutrality and boredom as weapons of the state.

The Trouble With Empathy

Allyson Kirkpatrick interviews Paul Bloom
February 2016

My complaint is against empathy as a moral guide. But as a source of pleasure, it can’t be beat.

The Face of Ferrante

Katrina Dodson interviews Ann Goldstein
January 2016

The translator discusses public secrets, private identities, and the final Neapolitan novel.

Slow Burn

Nadin Mai interviews Lav Diaz
January 2016

The Philippine cinema pioneer on why films are “the greatest mirror of humanity’s struggle.”

Intricate Lives

Padma Viswanathan interviews Elizabeth Evans
January 2016

The author on depicting female friendship and fielding questions about unlikable characters.

One Song

Violet Lucca interviews Jonas Carpignano
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The director on depicting the African migrant experience in Italy, moving in with his film’s lead, and the “common language” of pop music.

Seeing Cities

Laura Kurgan in conversation with Bill Rankin
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The researchers on the politics of mapmaking, rethinking invisibility, and why dots are changing the way we look at cultural borders.

Children of War

Dan Sheehan interviews Jasminko Halilović
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The author and activist on growing up under siege in Sarajevo and chronicling the childhood memories of other survivors.

Body Politic

Jill J. Tan interviews Eiko Otake
December 2015

The performance artist on going solo, inhabiting dangerous spaces, and the grotesqueness of time.

The Future Perfect

Susan Taylor Chehak interviews John Irving
December 2015

The novelist on what atheists and true believers have in common and how Mark Twain, Henry James, and “Sigmund-fucking-Freud” lack imagination.

Life as We Write It

Nika Knight interviews Brian Boyd
November 2015

The author on what evolutionary science can teach us about art and literature, his enduring interest in Nabokov, and why a good joke never dies.

What If?

Rachel Rose interviews Karim Alrawi
November 2015

The playwright and novelist on state censorship in Egypt, women in revolutions, and writing as an act of hope.

The Language of Movement

Naomi Riddle interviews Angelica Mesiti
November 2015

The artist on multi-channel video work, the communicative potential of sound, and contemporizing performance traditions.

Drawing Dissent

David Burr Gerrard interviews Ted Rall
November 2015

The political cartoonist on his new biography of Edward Snowden and living in an Orwellian age.

Moving the Needle

Daniela Petrova interviews Beth Murphy
October 2015

The filmmaker and journalist on the future of girls’ education in Afghanistan, “white savior narratives,” and documentary as an antidote to compassion fatigue.

The Afterlife of Waste

Ben Mauk interviews Pinar Yoldas
October 2015

The Turkish artist on moving to the epicenter of throwaway culture and imagining the life-forms that “might emerge out of the contemporary ooze.”

Women in the World

Allyson Kirkpatrick interviews Lorena Aguilar
October 2015

A leading researcher on the need to rescript our narratives about women and the environment.

Drawing From Life and Death

Grace Bello interviews Adrian Tomine
October 2015

The graphic novelist on coming of age in his comics, portraying Asian-American characters, and laying bare the anxieties of fatherhood.

Landscapes of Exclusion

Hope Wabuke interviews Carolyn Finney
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The cultural geographer on the misunderstood relationship between people of color and nature, and how place shapes identity.

Learning to Listen

Nika Knight interviews Gordon Hempton
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The acoustic ecologist on his fight to preserve dying soundscapes, how ambient noise affects the psyche, and recasting silence as a presence.

At Home in the Universe

Tega Brain interviews Margaret Wertheim
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The scientist and writer on gender bias in the sciences and inventing new geometric forms through crochet.

Scenes From the End of the World

Jonathan Lee interviews Leslie Jamison and Ryan Spencer
September 2015

The writer and photographer on their first book collaboration, the connection between Hollywood blockbusters and climate change, and how “shared terror” can make us feel less alone.

The Alchemy of Cinema

Darrell Hartman interviews Hubert Sauper
September 2015

The documentarian on white savior narratives, making enemies of gunrunners and governments, and nonfiction film as art.

In the Fictions of Our Past

Lucas Mann and Jill Talbot in conversation
September 2015

The authors discuss mourning in memoir and whether dreams belong in literature.

We Can Try to Be Human

Meakin Armstrong interviews Etgar Keret
August 2015

The Israeli author on the dramatic family histories that fuel his work and the broken promises of his homeland.

Just Out of Frame

Alex Carp interviews Sarah Stillman
August 2015

The journalist on the “strange, extractive” process of interviewing; second-, third-, and fourth-act stories; and coming to reporting as “a real, whole person.”

Burrow Down

Henry Peck interviews Cynan Jones
August 2015

The Welsh novelist on badger baiting, human resonance in the natural world, and why he holds his breath while writing.

Waving, Not Drowning

Nika Knight interviews William Finnegan
August 2015

The New Yorker writer on the politics of surfing, reporting from war zones, and the “weird genre” of memoir.

Sisters and Spices

Sujata Shekar interviews Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
August 2015

The author on fiction as activism, feminism in Indian epics, and cooking to conjure a sense of home.

Players for Democracy

Amy Gall interviews LaShonda Katrice Barnett
July 2015

The author and historian on the legacy of slavery, queer love, and the coded language of desire in the nineteenth century.

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