Beautiful Objects, Blighted Spaces

Heather Radke interviews the members of Place Lab
June 2016

The Future of Cities: The Chicago-based urban design team on rebuilding neighborhoods, gentrification, and the “magic” of Theaster Gates.

Opportunity for the Unknown

Ann Deslandes interviews Theresa Williamson
June 2016

The Future of Cities: The city planner on what Rio’s favelas can teach global cities, when communities become brands, and the value of informality.

Women, Winning

Gemma de Choisy interviews Cynara Vetch
June 2016

The Future of Cities: The journalist and She Shapes the City co-founder on the women behind Nairobi’s rapidly changing identity.

This Machine Called the Camera

Ratik Asokan interviews Stuart Franklin
June 2016

The photographer of Tiananmen Square’s “Tank Man” on creating art that “gets inside you.”

A Second Start

Eve Gleichman interviews Andreas Koefoed
June 2016

The Danish filmmaker discusses refugee children in Denmark, the safety of schools, and the quiet power of the observer.

Never the End

Jennifer Sears interviews Mary Gaitskill
May 2016

“When you approach the second half of your life, you start to unconsciously consider what you’re passing on.”

The Gaming Guru

Matthew Baker interviews Jenova Chen
May 2016

The Chinese video game artist on emotion-centered play, collaboration beyond language, and the next generation of indie blockbusters.

Be the Kill-Joy

Kevin St. John interviews DarkMatter
May 2016

The performance artists on the racial history of drag, jokes as a means of survival, and leaving room for paradox.

Forget You’re Watching a Play

Iquo B. Essien interviews Liesl Tommy
May 2016

The director of Eclipsed on bringing the first all-female production to Broadway.

The Language of Regime

Andrew Rose interviews Laura Secor
April 2016

The journalist on reporting from a post-revolutionary Iran and tracing the rich ferment of its intellectual and social history.

Upending the Archive

Alex McElroy interviews John Keene
April 2016

The genre-bending writer on queering history and restoring lost voices to American fiction.

Beyond Objects, Beyond Scores

Aditi Sriram interviews Vijay Iyer
April 2016

The musician and composer­ on the art of self-transformation, resisting cultures of exclusion, and what he calls ‘easy camaraderie.’

The Full Texture of a City

Ratik Asokan interviews Sarnath Banerjee
April 2016

India’s premier graphic novelist on street hustlers and the perils of cosmopolitanism.

Deep Sounds

Rachel Allen Interviews Hal Whitehead
March 2016

Future of Language: The biologist and whale expert on cetacean diversity, listening to whales, and the possibility of culture in nature.

Living in a Briefcase House

Elizabeth Karp-Evans interviews Jimenez Lai
March 2016

Future of Language: The architect discusses the language of aesthetics and telling a story through a body of work.

What Makes Alaska Alaska

Stephanie Gilardi interviews David Sumiq Russell-Jensen, Reid Paałuk Magdanz, and Cordelia Qiġnaaq Kellie
March 2016

Future of Language: The Native language activists discuss cultural incubation, intergenerational learning, and the role of legislation.

Dignity Through Narrative

Elizabeth Karp-Evans interviews John Freeman
March 2016

“Think about the last time you read a novel in which someone went to cash a benefit check or paid for food in food stamps.”

Bodies of Revolution

Eve Ensler, Monique Wilson, Nimmi Gowrinathan, and more
March 2016

Female leaders from around the globe trade notes on building a new women’s solidarity movement.

What We Owe History

Ariel Lewiton interviews John D'Agata
February 2016

“An essay is something that tracks the evolution of the human mind.”

Making a Monstress

Lauren K. Alleyne interviews Marjorie Liu
February 2016

The author on writing for Marvel, race and invisibility, and the radicality of romance novels.

Deadly Decisions

Ann Neumann in conversation with Sheri Fink
February 2016

The authors of The Good Death and Five Days at Memorial discuss disaster preparedness, impossible health care choices, and the notion of journalistic objectivity.

Up in Arms

Sarah Galo interviews Molly Crabapple
February 2016

The artist and journalist on reporting from Guantánamo Bay and Syria, glamor as a subversive power, and neutrality and boredom as weapons of the state.

The Trouble With Empathy

Allyson Kirkpatrick interviews Paul Bloom
February 2016

My complaint is against empathy as a moral guide. But as a source of pleasure, it can’t be beat.

The Face of Ferrante

Katrina Dodson interviews Ann Goldstein
January 2016

The translator discusses public secrets, private identities, and the final Neapolitan novel.

Slow Burn

Nadin Mai interviews Lav Diaz
January 2016

The Philippine cinema pioneer on why films are “the greatest mirror of humanity’s struggle.”

Intricate Lives

Padma Viswanathan interviews Elizabeth Evans
January 2016

The author on depicting female friendship and fielding questions about unlikable characters.

One Song

Violet Lucca interviews Jonas Carpignano
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The director on depicting the African migrant experience in Italy, moving in with his film’s lead, and the “common language” of pop music.

Seeing Cities

Laura Kurgan in conversation with Bill Rankin
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The researchers on the politics of mapmaking, rethinking invisibility, and why dots are changing the way we look at cultural borders.

Children of War

Dan Sheehan interviews Jasminko Halilović
December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The author and activist on growing up under siege in Sarajevo and chronicling the childhood memories of other survivors.

Body Politic

Jill J. Tan interviews Eiko Otake
December 2015

The performance artist on going solo, inhabiting dangerous spaces, and the grotesqueness of time.

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