Young, Gifted, and Black

Hope Wabuke interviews Jeffery Renard Allen
May 2015

The author on the genius slave musician who inspired his novel and the fallacy of a post-racial America.

Playing Spaces

Amelia Stein interviews Keller Easterling
May 2015

The architect and writer on action as information, subtraction as growth, and indeterminacy as a practical protocol for design.

A Dangerous Language

Vineet Gill interviews Mano Khalil
May 2015

The Kurdish filmmaker on deploying a camera rather than a gun to fight for his community.

American Slaughterhouse

Carson Vaughan interviews Ted Genoways
May 2015

The journalist on the myriad ills of the meat trade, the plight of migrant workers, and the twin missions of journalism and poetry.

Mythic Retreat

Rebecca Rukeyser interviews Kazuo Ishiguro
May 2015

The Booker Prize-winning author on samurai sword fights, the trouble with literary allusion, and the fabled world of post-Arthurian England.

Journey to the Other

Tiffanie Wen interviews Mohammed Dajani Daoudi
April 2015

The scholar and peace activist on Palestinian centrism, living as an exile, and learning from both Fatah and Israeli soldiers on the road to radical compassion.

In Defense Of

Jean Stevens interviews Lynne Stewart
April 2015

The “people’s lawyer” on her most controversial criminal defense cases—including the one that sent her to prison.

The Cousins Karamazov

David Simon interviews Richard Price
April 2015

The acclaimed writer on reporting fiction, listening to Martin Scorsese, and the family values in his new novel, The Whites.

Blood at the Root

Neelanjana Banerjee interviews Nayomi Munaweera
April 2015

The Sri Lankan-American novelist on Sri Lanka’s brutal history and grappling with the right to tell the story of the country she left behind.

Built for Humans

Bryce T. Bauer interviews Sharon Zukin
April 2015

The sociologist on the role of the artist in gentrification, challenges to affordable housing, and the commodification of New York City’s loft lifestyle.

Boys Don’t Cry

Brian Gresko interviews Ronald Levant
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The psychologist on the evolution of maleness and the sociocultural forces that have long stifled men and fathers.

Inflections Forever New

Ariel Lewiton interviews Maggie Nelson
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The poet and cultural critic on the politics of motherhood and the expansive potential of the queer movement.

India’s Third Gender

Shanoor Seervai interviews Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The activist on the ancient legacy and contemporary struggles of hijras.

Ethnographic Invention

Megha Majumdar interviews Lily King
March 2015

The novelist on the vivid life of Margaret Mead, a love triangle in the South Pacific, and the shared language of anthropology and fiction.

The Contender

Andrew Rose interviews Zephyr Teachout
March 2015

The former New York gubernatorial candidate on misperceptions of big government, the poetry of politics, and why “it would be a tragedy if [Hillary] ran in an uncontested primary.”

The Art Of Agenting

Jonathan Lee interviews Chris Parris-Lamb
March 2015

The literary agent on gatekeeping, the truth behind big advances, and why Amazon neglects the “humanity to good books.”

Syria in its Own Image

Grace Bello interviews Mohammad Ali Atassi
February 2015

The documentarian and journalist on the nation’s portrayal in the global media, the power of emergency cinema, and the role of the intellectual in revolution.

Mitigating the Silence

Aisha Sabatini Sloan interviews Kwame Dawes
February 2015

The author couldn’t find a single press in the world devoted to publishing African poetry. So he created one.

We Contain Multitudes

Andrew Rose interviews Thomas Page McBee
February 2015

The trans author and journalist on masculinity and male privilege, writing about the body, and crafting new narratives about gender identities.

Just to Tell the Truth

Rebecca Chao interviews Anya Schiffrin
February 2015

The journalist and teacher on a century of muckrakers, the pleasures and perils of reporting, and the golden age of investigative journalism.

Inhabiting Language

Anita Sethi interviews Jaume Cabré
January 2015

The award-winning Catalan writer on political attempts to repress his native language, inventing stories to tell the truth, and the powers and pitfalls of memory.

The Hollywood Blacklist, Revisited

Colin Beckett interviews Thom Andersen
January 2015

The filmmaker and scholar on the radical legacy of American Communist film.

God’s Creation Is Running a Fever

Ann Neumann interviews Katharine Hayhoe
December 2014

Religion in America: The climate scientist on denialism and why her evangelical faith demands action.

Whole Self Movement

Brook Wilensky-Lanford interviews Rabbi Becky Silverstein
December 2014

Religion in America: The transgender rabbi on religious rituals, gender fluidity, and the language of LGBTQ inclusion.

What We Are Now, You Shall Be

Meara Sharma interviews Gadadhara Pandit Dasa
December 2014

Religion in America: The Hare Krishna monk on cultural stereotypes, teaching faith through food, and America’s obsession with yoga.

The Only Choices You Have

Kima Jones interviews Darryl Pinckney
December 2014

The longtime contributor to The New York Review of Books on the history of racial justice from World War I to Ferguson.

The Everyday Extraordinary

Parul Kapur Hinzen interviews Kevin Young
December 2014

The poet and curator on expanding autobiography, the importance of elegy, and the centrality of blues to experience.

Blackness as the Second Person

Meara Sharma interviews Claudia Rankine
November 2014

The National Book Award finalist on chronicling everyday racism, the violence inherent in language, and the continuum from Rodney King to Michael Brown.

Humane Endeavor

Grace Bello interviews Atul Gawande
November 2014

The surgeon and public health journalist on the gaps in healthcare policy, the sharp elbows of politics, and dignity in end-of-life care.

Salvaged Crossings

Lauren K. Alleyne interviews Gaiutra Bahadur
November 2014

Unearthing the stories of “coolie women”—early-twentieth-century indentured laborers shipped from India to work on sugar plantations across the colonial world.

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