Women in the World

Allyson Kirkpatrick interviews Lorena Aguilar
October 2015

A leading researcher on the need to rescript our narratives about women and the environment.

Drawing From Life and Death

Grace Bello interviews Adrian Tomine
October 2015

The graphic novelist on coming of age in his comics, portraying Asian-American characters, and laying bare the anxieties of fatherhood.

Landscapes of Exclusion

Hope Wabuke interviews Carolyn Finney
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The cultural geographer on the misunderstood relationship between people of color and nature, and how place shapes identity.

Learning to Listen

Nika Knight interviews Gordon Hempton
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The acoustic ecologist on his fight to preserve dying soundscapes, how ambient noise affects the psyche, and recasting silence as a presence.

At Home in the Universe

Tega Brain interviews Margaret Wertheim
September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: The scientist and writer on gender bias in the sciences and inventing new geometric forms through crochet.

Scenes From the End of the World

Jonathan Lee interviews Leslie Jamison and Ryan Spencer
September 2015

The writer and photographer on their first book collaboration, the connection between Hollywood blockbusters and climate change, and how “shared terror” can make us feel less alone.

The Alchemy of Cinema

Darrell Hartman interviews Hubert Sauper
September 2015

The documentarian on white savior narratives, making enemies of gunrunners and governments, and nonfiction film as art.

In the Fictions of Our Past

Lucas Mann and Jill Talbot in conversation
September 2015

The authors discuss mourning in memoir and whether dreams belong in literature.

We Can Try to Be Human

Meakin Armstrong interviews Etgar Keret
August 2015

The Israeli author on the dramatic family histories that fuel his work and the broken promises of his homeland.

Just Out of Frame

Alex Carp interviews Sarah Stillman
August 2015

The journalist on the “strange, extractive” process of interviewing; second-, third-, and fourth-act stories; and coming to reporting as “a real, whole person.”

Burrow Down

Henry Peck interviews Cynan Jones
August 2015

The Welsh novelist on badger baiting, human resonance in the natural world, and why he holds his breath while writing.

Waving, Not Drowning

Nika Knight interviews William Finnegan
August 2015

The New Yorker writer on the politics of surfing, reporting from war zones, and the “weird genre” of memoir.

Sisters and Spices

Sujata Shekar interviews Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
August 2015

The author on fiction as activism, feminism in Indian epics, and cooking to conjure a sense of home.

Players for Democracy

Amy Gall interviews LaShonda Katrice Barnett
July 2015

The author and historian on the legacy of slavery, queer love, and the coded language of desire in the nineteenth century.

Global Kleptocracy

Daniela Petrova interviews Sarah Chayes
July 2015

The foreign policy expert on global corruption, violent extremism, and how the West “has lost the balance between rectitude and liberty.”

In Full Flight

Aditi Sriram interviews Helen Macdonald
July 2015

The writer and naturalist on the temporality of grief, inhabiting the voice of T.H. White, and developing radical empathy with a goshawk.

A Measure of Worth

Gemma de Choisy interviews Diana Baird N’Diaye
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: The folklorist and curator on self-expression through adornment in African-American communities, and fashion as a political act.

Social Fabric

Henry Peck interviews Grayson Perry
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: The Turner Prize-winning “transvestite potter” on the taste tribes of Britain.


Meara Sharma interviews Eric Asimov
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: The New York Times chief wine critic on the perils of connoisseurship and the pleasure in discovering one’s personal taste.

Laugh Lines

Katie Halper interviews Margaret Cho
June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: The comedian on her radical education and the importance of safe spaces in the “hostile and dangerous world” of joke-making.

Why Do You Have to Change?

Abigail Sindzinski interviews Meghan Daum
June 2015

The essayist on unsentimental endings, Little House On the Prairie vs. Woody Allen, and why the conversation about not having kids “needs to be reframed.”

A Safe Distance

Benjamin Samuel interviews James Hannaham
June 2015

The writer on myth-making as a means to confront the realities of modern-day slavery.

Young, Gifted, and Black

Hope Wabuke interviews Jeffery Renard Allen
May 2015

The author on the genius slave musician who inspired his novel and the fallacy of a post-racial America.

Playing Spaces

Amelia Stein interviews Keller Easterling
May 2015

The architect and writer on action as information, subtraction as growth, and indeterminacy as a practical protocol for design.

A Dangerous Language

Vineet Gill interviews Mano Khalil
May 2015

The Kurdish filmmaker on deploying a camera rather than a gun to fight for his community.

American Slaughterhouse

Carson Vaughan interviews Ted Genoways
May 2015

The journalist on the myriad ills of the meat trade, the plight of migrant workers, and the twin missions of journalism and poetry.

Mythic Retreat

Rebecca Rukeyser interviews Kazuo Ishiguro
May 2015

The Booker Prize-winning author on samurai sword fights, the trouble with literary allusion, and the fabled world of post-Arthurian England.

Journey to the Other

Tiffanie Wen interviews Mohammed Dajani Daoudi
April 2015

The scholar and peace activist on Palestinian centrism, living as an exile, and learning from both Fatah and Israeli soldiers on the road to radical compassion.

In Defense Of

Jean Stevens interviews Lynne Stewart
April 2015

The “people’s lawyer” on her most controversial criminal defense cases—including the one that sent her to prison.

The Cousins Karamazov

David Simon interviews Richard Price
April 2015

The acclaimed writer on reporting fiction, listening to Martin Scorsese, and the family values in his new novel, The Whites.

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